7 Most Dangerous Jobs in Nigeria (Photos)

In today’s world, to make an income a person needs to have a living – something that they do to bring in money. It could be a corporate job, selling of goods and services, or freelance. All over the world there are so many different ways for a person to make money but for today’s list, we’ll be counting down the 11 most dangerous jobs we have here in Nigeria.

1. Government Electricians

Already working with electricity is very dangerous business that can and has resulted in very catastrophic endings of electrocutions, serious burns, and even death. But when you’re a government employee in Nigeria especially if one working in the power sector, having to deal with locals when you want to cut their light, carrying those heavy ladders, working with electric wires while sweating under hot sun, it is no small fit and can be very dangerous business. 

2. Fuel Tank Drivers

We see them occasionally on the road, those men driving huge vehicles containing huge barrels of petrol, diesel, kerosene, which are very explosive fuels. This is risky business because the cars being operated are very big and as such more prone to accidents, and then in addition the cargo being carried is very volatile and can cause catastrophic harm as it has done in the past. 

3. Construction Workers

In foreign movies and media, we see images of construction workers decked out in full regalia, heavy yellow helmets included, as they work. But one walk across the many ongoing constructions happening in Nigeria and you’ll see that the people doing the work here really are trying. Men at the top of high buildings, no helmets or protective gear doing work with nothing but bamboo sticks helping with support. It’s pretty grueling work and very dangerous. 

4. Lumberjack

Lumberjacks are the people responsible for cutting down big trees and excavation of huge plots of land. All that work with chainsaws, big heavy trees, in the middle of forest and wildlife under the hot sun is not only hard and uncomfortable but also very dangerous. 

5. Police

Not much to say here that isn’t obvious. As problematic and annoying as the Police can be, they still have one of the riskiest jobs in the country. Being tasked with protecting civilians from crime and evil is a tall order and one that sees people of this profession having to put themselves in very dangerous situations in order to protect and save. 

6. Oil Vandals

While not an official or legal job, oil vandalism in Nigeria is one way that a lot of youth make money in the nation. The job itself is very risky seeing people who do this job trying to steal very volatile and very flammable fuel. Explosions, fires, severe burns, and death are some of the things that can come from oil vandalism and also, the government is on a war path to flush people who do this out so there’s also that to contend with. One is heavily advised to stay clear of this kind of job because not only is it very risky, it is not even legal. 

7. Sand Extractor

By far one of the most dangerous jobs in Nigeria, river sand extraction is one job that a lot of people don’t know about but is very life threatening. What the job entails is a person diving to the bottom of a river with buckets to fill them up with sand and then bring it back to the surface. These days, the job has become more mechanical not needing human people to manually keep bringing up the sand but still there is a need for people to still go under the river to do certain things as regards the machine + the perpetual fear of drowning if sand overpours into the machine. It’s all very wordy but you can watch a video of it here because it is honestly quite the job!