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Distribution companies require meter installers to handle their customer metering gaps, hence this course prepares technicians for this task. The course entails the knowledge of the different type of meters, installation procedures of single and three-phase Prepayment meters maintain standards and load demand Meter Installation Technicians

Skill Aquisition Training Programme 2021 Course Objectives:

In the end, of course, the trainees shall be able to:

  • Identify different type of meters
  • Estimate load demand of a building/premises and make the choice of the right meter
  • Install both single and three-phase meters correctly
  • Describe and differentiate different types of MD meters
  • Explain about smart meters

Course Contents:

  1. Basic electricity/ Structure of the electricity industry in Nigeria.
  2. Introduction of some relevant electrical parameters.
  3. The importance of electricity metering.
  4. The Electricity meters.
  5. Credit metering – electromechanical/electronic
  6. Prepayment metering – electronic
  7. Smart metering – electronic
  8. Voltage and current capacities of meters.
  9. Principles of operations of prepayment meters.
  10. Cables and conductors.
  11. Load enumeration and assessment.
  12. Basic protective devices at power intake point.
  13. Earthing
  14. Installation standards.
  15. Safe work practices and personnel safety principles
  16. Installation materials and tools.
  17. Meter installation.
  18. Meter installation documentation
  19. Physical protection of meters
  20. Post-installation checks.
  21. Electrical measurement and calculation
  22. Tamper prevention
  23. Tamper detection and recording
  24. Energy conservation.

Course Methodology:

Lecture presentations with p/point, Case study, Syndicate group work, practical and site visit