Apply for Kaduna State start-up and entrepreneurship Agent Banking Jobs.

The Kaduna start-up and entrepreneurship programme is a massive job creation campaigned initiated by a tripartite relationship, between he Kaduna state government, the Bank of Industry and Kaduna Business School.  The goal is to engage about 4,500 eligible young men and women resident in the state to pursue productive enterprise development initiatives.

Programme Structure

The programme is structured as a 10 + 2 week arrangement where qualified candidates go through a world-class programme equivalent to an entrepreneurship ‘diploma plus access to finance.  Initially, there is a 10 week intensive training, followed by grand examination which lead to a 2 – week access to finance training and accessing the loan.  The candidates are initially issues with an intern statement of result and subsequently will be issued with an Entrepreneurship Diploma, after they run the business successfully for 18 months.


The Bank Industry in conjunction with the Kaduna Business School will provide successful loan beneficiaries with volunteers mentor to support the student through the very difficult start up stage.

List of Professional Courses

Entrepreneurship and Economic Policy Dynamics (Focus on the Nigerian Economy and selected similar economies

Understanding the Language of Business (From book-keeping to Accounting)

Planning for Human Resources, Motivating People and Managing Emotions

Introduction to Design Thinking and market disruptions

Solving Entrepreneurial Problems, Becoming an effective manager

Business Models and Value Proposition Design


Developing a business plan