Apply for Massive Recruitment At Delta State Ministry Of Technical Education.

Government special announcement Online application for recruitment into the technical colleges in Delta state, It is hereby announced for the information of the general public, particularly Deltans; that the Delta State Government is interested in recruiting graduate-teachers for specific subject areas for its technical colleges within the state.

The subject areas, requirements and methods of application are as follows:

Subjects Educational qualification required
  • 1. English Language/StudiesB.A.Ed./B.Ed. English and Literature in English
  • 2. MathematicB.Sc.Ed./B.Ed. Mathematics
  • 3. Basic TechnologyB.Sc.Ed. (Integrated Science/Science Education)
  • 4. Basic TechnologyB.Ed. (Technical Education) or B.Eng./B.Tech/HND
    (Mechanical, Civil or Electrical/Electronic
  • 5. Civic Education/Security EducationB.Ed. Social Sciences
  • 6. Agricultural ScienceB.Sc.Ed./B.Ed. Agricultural science
  • 7. Historical StudiesB.Ed. History
  • 8. Cultural & Creative ArtB.Ed. Fine and Applied Arts
  • 9. Christian Religious Studies

B.Ed. Christian Religious Studies

  • 10.  Business Studies/Education

B.Ed. Business Education/Secretarial Studies

  • 11.  Home Economics/ Catering CraftPractice

B.Ed. Home Economics/Hospitality/Hotel
Management/Food & Nutrition

  • 12. Computer Science/ICTB.Sc.Ed./HND (Computer Science)
  • 13. French

B.A.Ed. (French)

  • 14. Physics

B.Sc.Ed (Physics)

  • 15. Biology

B.Sc.Ed. (Biology)

  • 16. Chemistry

B.Sc.Ed. (Chemistry)

  • 17.  Economics

B.Sc.Ed. (Economics)

  • 18. Commerce

B.Ed. (Commerce)

  • 19.  Financial Accounting

B.Ed. (Accounting)

  • 20. Motor Vehicle Mechanic Works

B.Sc.Ed. (Technical Education) or

B.Eng./B.Tech/HND (Civil Engineering)

  • 21. Block, Brick & Concreting/BuildingConstruction

B.Sc.Ed. (Technical Education) or

B.Eng./B.Tech/HND (Civil Engineering)

  • 22. General Metal Work/Fabrication & Welding

B.Sc.Ed. (Technical Education) or

B.Eng./B.Tech/ HND (Metal & Fabrication)

  • 23. Electrical Installation

B.Sc.Ed (Technical Education) or

B.Eng./B.Tech./HND (Electrical Engineering)

  • 24. Furniture/Woodwork

B.Sc.Ed. (Technical Education) or

B.Eng./B,Tech/HND (Wood Engineering)

  • 25. Garment Making Craft Practice

B.Sc.Ed. (Technical Education) or

B.Eng./B.Tech/HND (Fashion & Design)

  • 26. Bursars

B.Sc./HND (Accounting)

  • 27. Guidance and Counselors

B.Sc.Ed (Guidance and Counseling)

  • 28. Librarians

B.Sc.Ed. (Library Education/Library and
Information Science

  • 29. Workshops Attendants

OND HND (Mechanical, Civil, or Electronical

In addition to this, interested candidates are expected to upload the following documents to the website as in (2) below:

  • a. All Academic/Professional Certificate (in respect of 1 above)
  • b. NYSC Discharge Certificate/ Exemption Letter
  • c. Passport Photograph
  • d. Certificate of Local Government of Origin
  • e. Birth Certificate/ Age Declaration

a. Applicants are to apply online within six (6) weeks from the time of publication

b. Application are to be completed online and free of chargeat the Ministry of Technical Education portal click

upon the successful application online, applicants will receive confirmation through SMS or email (where applicable).

c. Shortlisted candidates would also be notified by SMS and /or email and invited for a computer Based Aptitude Test (CBAT). Only candidates who are successful in the CBAT would be invited for the oral interview
/Micro Teaching Practicum.

  • 3. NOTE

a. Induction/Registration with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria will be added advantage

b. Applicants should not be more than 35 years of age.

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