Apply for Tuition Free Masters In Data Science at the University Of Wroclaw, Poland.

Masters in Data Science at the University of Wrocław, Poland is tuition free. 

You pay an application fee of €20. It is taught in English. Program details: HERE

Information on tuition fee: HERE

Information on admission procedure:HERE

Others programs available in English: HERE

Timetable for 2021 admission:

21.06.2021 (Monday) – deadline for submitting the applications

5.07.2021 (Monday) – deadline for submitting missing documents

9.07.2021 (Friday) – announcement of top-ranked candidates to take part in interview

12-23.07.2021 (Monday-Friday) – interviews

31.07.2021 (Saturday) –  final decision on admissions documents

  1. Bachelor or Master degree certificate
  2. Transcript of grades/supplement from bachelor or master studies
  3. Certificate confirming  English Language knowledge on B2 level
  4. Passport photocopy
  5. Digital passport size photo
  6. Recommendation letter – sent directly from recommender to
  7. CV
  8. Cover Letter