Babangida Ruma has left the building

With not so much as a goodbye or a parting statement, Babangida Ruma is no longer on Twitter.

While he was still active just this morning, searching for his profile now returns a simple Twitter message of “Babangida Ruma archived and that the page no longer active”.

Babangida Ruma is no longer on Twitter.

The Social media influencer and Common Sense Advocate recently found himself on the receiving lot of criticism more especially about his 2015 tweets supporting President Buhari’s presidency. Ruma was once one of the leading APC social media influencer and massively supported Buhari for his first term. 

Twitter people claimed  no rebuttal to the claim, that he is among the people who make them to vote President Buhari and now things are out of hands and he is not saying anything, instead it would appear that he opted to deactivate his account.