Driver at ALIMA

The story of ALIMA began in 2009 in Niger. While the entire medical profession witnessed an alarming peak of acute malnutrition and increasing infant mortality rates, the health structures for managing malnutrition were becoming increasingly rare. The year before, many international NGOs had been expelled from the country. Local NGOs were the only ones left to act, but they lacked resources. From these conditions came the idea to create a new model of humanitarian organization: an African medical alliance connecting national NGOs and international research institutes. ALIMA was born. Since the beginning of this adventure, ALIMA has treated more than 6 million people in 13 countries around the world, mainly in Africa.


  • Job Type Full Time
  • Qualification Secondary School (SSCE)
  • Experience 2 years
  • Location Katsina


    Main Purpose

    The AlIMA driver is responsible for the security of the people he/she (hereafter referred to as “he”) transports and other uses of his vehicle. He is also responsible for his vehicle and its loading.


    Driving and security

    • ensuring his own security and that of his passengers, wearing seat belts at all times, respecting the highway code in force in the country
    • ensuring the security of persons or vehicles in the vicinity
    • Adjusting his speed according to the state of the road or track, any changes in it and when near built-up and populated areas (see the restrictions listed in the log book)
    • Following and having his passengers follow security instructions regarding check points
    • Never transporting non-Alima personnel, people who do not work on Alima’s programmes or any objects that do not belong to the organisation. Only an Alima manager can decide to waive this rule, which also applies to all civil and military authorities
    • Informing the base of his movements, from departure through to arrival, on a systematic basis, stating the presence of passengers and citing their names (expatriates and national personnel)
    • Being responsible for security decisions concerning the vehicle (taking decisions in the event of problems encountered on the road when there is no expatriate present)
    • Justifying any detours, trips or stops that were not planned by an Alima manager
    • Ensuring the number of people who can be officially carried in the vehicle is respected
    • Helping patients being transported to climb into and out of the vehicle if they are incapable of doing it themselves
    • Stowing the vehicles’ loads correctly


    • Keeping the vehicle’s logbook up to date, noting any problems and incidents, and filling out the fuel log book correctly (without crossing anything out)
    • Carrying out daily and weekly checks
    • Drawing his managers attention to imminent services on his vehicle, and doing so early enough to allow the vehicle’s planned withdrawal from use
    • Cleaning the vehicle for services (interior, exterior and engine) and assisting the Mechanic during services and work
    • Maintaining his vehicle in good order (internal and external cleaning) and regularly checking his equipment is in good working order (spare wheel, jack, straps, ropes, tools, etc.)
    • Carrying out a weekly physical inventory of the equipment in his vehicle
    • Immediately informing his Alima manager in the event of a mechanical problem
    • Immediately informing his Alima manager and the local authorities in the event of an accident
    • If, for whatever reason, he has to use his vehicle when it requires repair, making a note in the “remarks” column of the maintenance book and drawing his manager’s attention to it, thereby exempting himself from any subsequent responsibility in the event of later problems
    • Carrying out a hand over (at the beginning and end of the period) of his vehicle if another driver uses it
    • Being able to justify his fuel consumption at all times


    • Being responsible for the load he transports
    • Loading and off-loading his vehicle himself and checking the load is stowed correctly
    • During trips, hanading over waybills to the recipients, checking the state of the goods delivered to the Store Keeper and bringing the duly completed and signed reception form back to the logistics office

    Key Competencies

    Demonstrable ability in the following competencies:

    • Two years’ work as a professional driver
    • No road safety-related fines or convictions
    • Thorough knowledge of road rules and regulations
    • Skills in minor vehicle repair
    • Competent in spoken and written English
    • Basic numeracy
    • Knowledge (or ability to quickly learn) of HF, VHF and satellite communications equipment
    • Team spirit and problem solving abilities
    • Able to carry out limited, un-supervised tasks

    Minimum Requirements

    • Higher Secondary School Level of education
    • Valid driving license
    • Written and spoken English



    Method of Application

    Interested candidate should send there CV,COVER LETTER AND CREDENTIALS AS A SINGLE ATTACHEHMENT TO with ‘DRIVER KATSINA’ as subject of the email. or can drop hardcopies application at ALIMA office Katsina. Note that ALIMA would not request any kind of favor in whatever form from any potential applicant.