Enrol to be a COVID19 Immunity Ambassador.


The project aims to provide the necessary knowledge to individuals to ensure that they are adequately equipped to volunteer during this COVID-19 period. The course will focus on personal protection equipment, how to use/wear them, and how to discard them properly. The aim of this course is to prepare individuals as volunteers to defy COVID-19. 

Outline Of Project

Initial Engagement of Ambassadors

The Community Immunity Ambassadors will be expected to go to the MBRU website and complete an online course here, where a less than one hour course will be taken and a certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course.

Participants are to upload the certificate of completion to this link to confirm participation and completion of the course upon which they will be invited to a special webinar. 


Participants at this webinar will have their data cost covered. It is important that upon uploading a certificate of completion, you also include this code (YHA001) for identification. 

Participants mobilized in a particular month will join a monthly webinar that will be organized by YouthHubAfrica and would have their data cost reimbursed.

To enroll in the online course visit here

Upon completion of course, upload your certificate of completion here

DEADLINE: November 10, 2020.