How To Get A Job In Abuja Nigeria

To get a good job in Abuja, Nigeria can be quite tough, but it is not impossible. Here are my thoughts on what it takes to get a good job in Abuja.

People use words like luck and connection to describe getting a job in Abuja…and they are right. Getting a job in Abuja, especially in this economy is quite difficult. NYSC corpers pass out every year and yet very few of them get good jobs 6-12 months after service. After having my fair share of job search. These are what I think it takes to get a good job in Abuja;

1. Experience:

 Lots of companies and organizations ask for applicants with many years of experience (They are not kidding ). You need to have experience in the field you are applying for in order to be considered. But can you really blame them?? Would you employ someone who doesn’t have a clue as to how things are supposed to be done???

If you don’t have experience then it won’t hurt to volunteer or intern in your field of interest. You don’t have to wait till you graduate, you can use a portion of your holiday for this. It will give you an edge over your peers. Even in situations when you “know someone”, Sometimes, the experience you have can affect the company’s decision to employ you and determine how much you are paid. This leads me to my second point.

2. Know Someone: 

Abuja is already known as a city where “connection” is needed to get anything done. So it’s very okay to use this means to get a job as long as you are being legit about it. Most companies don’t openly announce their vacancies and there’s a lot of competition out there so knowing someone in your field would really help you.

If you don’t know anyone, don’t panic. That’s what the networking events out there are for. Volunteering can also expose you to people and opportunities.

3. Take a risk: 

I’ve seen people get jobs by taking risks. They didn’t sit and wait for the companies they wanted to announce for vacancies, they approached them (probably sent an email introducing themselves and what they have to offer) and they persevered. You really have nothing to lose here.

4. Packaging:

 As I stated earlier, and I’m sure you already know this but THERE’S A LOT OF COMPETITION OUT THERE. So you really need to stand out, brand yourself properly. From your CV to the way you present yourself, there has to be something unique about you. You can start with building confidence then gradually navigate your way through.

Tip: Think of all the best qualities you can imagine and find ways to incorporate that into your lifestyle and you are good to go!

5. Positive energy: 

There’s a lot of hardship out there, yes I said it HARDSHIP. And employers want people who are positive, creative, energetic, and forward thinking. Trust me, that energy radiates, if you are a negative person it will show! Don’t ask me how.

Stay positive always, no matter how things currently are, don’t give up. Try to understand that EVERYONE is going through something, so don’t take it personally, you are not alone, it’s just part of life. Just keep working hard and developing yourself in every way you can and life would pleasantly surprise you.