How to Register as a United Nations (UN) Vendor (Contractor and Supplier)


The United Nations (UN) has created an online global marketplace UNGM for all her procurement processes across twenty-nine (29) agencies under the global body.

The UNGM platform provides an opportunity for you to introduce your products and services to many UN organizations, countries and regions by completing a one-time registration (free) form online. These UN Organizations represents 99% of a global spent of over USD 15.3 billion annually for all types of products and services.

Two Level of registration is available for inclusion to UN Vendor Database,  

•Basic registration 
•Level 1 and 2

Most UN organizations actually require vendors to register at Basic level only. Some UN organizations however may require vendors to provide documentation and additional information in order to qualify the vendor for registration at Level 1 or 2. 

Basic Registration Requirements
1. General information (name of company, licence number, address, telephone, details of contact persons, etc.).
2. Information on countries in which you do business.
3. Classification of your goods and services.

Level 1 Requirements
4. Criteria 1-3 above.
5. Certificate of incorporation or equivalent document verifying legal status/capacity.
6. Details and email addresses of at least three independent, non-affiliated references whom you have done business with.
7. Names of owner(s) and principals (including parent company, subsidiaries/affiliates, CEO/Managing Director, and those with controlling interests, if applicable). The names of intermediaries, agents and/or consultants, (if any) used in relation to United Nations contracts or bids/proposals.

Level 2 Requirements
8. Criteria 1-7 above.
9. Reference letters from three independent, non-affiliated clients/companies, you have done business with. Reference letters should be in English and from three independent, non-affiliated clients/companies whom you have sold products and/or services to during the last 12 months preferably with a description of project/work undertaken; and date started/completed and value of project. Reference letters should be prepared/signed on the referee’s letterhead paper and reference should refer to the entity that is seeking registration.
10. Financial documents (audited/certified financial statements or equivalent) for the last three years.

To get started
1. Visit
2. Select the type of registration applicable to your organization (you will be required to download and study the UN Supplier Code of Conduct)
3. Fill the form and click on the send activation link.