Npower Batch C: Check To Verify Your Selection Status On Nasims Portal.

The Nasims Portal Npower Batch C Verification Link Now Functioning.

The verification link is where Applicants will check to see if they are Successfully shortlisted for physical screening and credentials verification.

If you visit the verification link in your Nasims portal dashboard, you will get the following response:

Hello Applicant,

You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage, please check back later.

How to check your Npower Nasims Batch C verification status:

1) visit the HERE

2) Login with the email you used for Npower Registration or Application ID

3) Once you are logged in to the portal, click the verification link to view your status.

However, N-Power Batch C applicants have started receiving congratulatory messages underneath their dashboard profile, under the “Verification” tab, after logging into their NASIMS portal.

The N-Power Batch C applicants were told to carry out a finger print biometric enrollment, on their dashboard as seen in the above picture

N-Power Batch C Volunteers can however use their smart phones or other mobile devices that has the fingerprint sensor feature to capture their fingerprint.

Moreover, N-Power Batch C Volunteers can also visit the cyber cafe or business centre for the biometric fingerprint scan for an alternative.

The congratulatory message to the successful N-Power Batch C applicants, is coming just after the Honorable Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq, told the press that the N-Power Batch C shortlisting process is at the concluding stage.