Opportunities Hub and Youth hub announce an Innovative partnership to support young people leveraging on Information Technology.

Aiming to leverage free online soft skills training, content development, content sharing and professional CV development, this collaboration is the first result of a co-creation process between NGO and startup Hub.

The leading technology, startups and opportunities ecosystem on the planet, Opportunities Hub (OH), has just announced an unprecedented partnership with Youth Hub.

Youth Hub is a global platform for young people from around the world. It focuses on fostering Entrepreneurship, Public Service Innovation, Tech Education, and Community Development. Youth Hub is working to prepare young people to become productive and engaged citizens and to educate and enable school students, especially girls, in Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship.

Opportunities Hub is a wealth crating platform as well as profiling opportunities for young people across the glove to ensure everyone is equitably access to the tech, startup and ventures eco-system in demand technology education, training and careers vetted entrepreneurial support programs and early stage capital and investment opportunities as a path to multi-generational wealth with no reliance on pre-existing multi-generational wealth.

OH aims to expand the global opportunities and explore innovative methods to ensure anyone from anywhere is well trained and have access to live changing opportunities. OH are partnering with Youth Hub to harness the largely untapped and vast opportunities eco-system, and where possible scale up corporate, online and physical mentorships training on OH soft skills certification.

Representing a first for the private sector, OH aims to expand online free soft skills training supported by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, UNIDO. free CV development and access to unlimited life changing opportunities that can benefit organisations and people around the world and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Babangida Ruma, Founder and CEO of Opportunities Hub, announced the partnership on Monday 20th may 2021.

“We are very proud of this innovative partnership with Youth Hub. For us, at Opportunities Hub, this action represents a major step in our commitment to expand our scope “Putting Youth in the Center of Global Transformation”, which have been established in the the Hub for over 8 years” this is just the beginning of a partnership that we expect to grow stronger.”, said Ruma, Founder and CEO of Opportunities Hub.