VACANCY: International University of open Learning Sokoto, Academic and Non Academic Staff Recruitment!

The Proposed International University of Open Learning is calling for interested individuals with good Master Degree or PhD including Readers as well as Professors to submit their applications for the positions of Librarian I, Senior Librarian, Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer II, Lecturer I, and Senior Lecturer.

The application must be from candidates with progressive or vast knowledge and academic experience in the following areas;

  1. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computer, Information Technology and/or Software Engineering
  2. Nursing Science and/or Public Health Science
  3. International Relations & Diplomacy, Political Science and/or Legislative Studies
  4. Accounting, Economics, Business Administration/Entrepreneurship, and/or Public Administration
  5. Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution and/or Crime Management Studies
  6. Mass Communication

7a. Law
7b. Islamic Shari’ah

  1. Educational Technology

Candidates are expected to submit their detailed CVs with an attachment of all other relevant documents.

Submission should first be mailed electronically to and three hardcopies with passport photographs to No. 2, Zagga Road, Gawon Nama Area, Sokoto-Nigeria.

Note: The two-way method of submission must be made.

The minimum qualification for application is a good ‘Master Degree’ and candidates must have sufficient knowledge and skills on the use of technology in education. Also, candidates can be Nigerians at home or in diaspora and other foreign nationals that speak English Language.

For more info youou can reach out to; +2348129326663, +2348093482211, +2348160050448 for inquiries. for more visit:

Deadline: 20th November 2020